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Quick and convenient way to microdose throughout the day.

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Quick and convenient way to microdose throughout the day. Silo vape cartridges are loaded with full spectrum CBD oil.

Suggested Use: Use it anytime, anywhere for quick relief and microdosing.

Available in: Strawberry Banana, Peach & Blueberry


Blueberry, Peach, Strawberry Banana

34 reviews for CBD Vape Cartridge

  1. Carly

    I love these vape refills, I use them throughout the day and the flavors are awesome. Strawberry is my favorite!

  2. Jake B

    Helps with my anxiety, great flavors.

  3. Colin

    I prefer vaping my cbd and strawberry is my go to flavor.

  4. Rick

    I didn’t give 5 stars because I personally just don’t like the raw flavor. The blueberry and strawberry are great. Although my mom prefers the raw…

  5. Pat

    Can you make more flavors?

  6. mitch

    good flavors

  7. C. Mills

    Need to make more flavors! I use all your products and they work great for me but you need more flavors for the vape cartridges.

  8. N Lal

    Helps me relax throughout the day. Strawberry & blueberry taste so good.

  9. Patty

    Good price, good product

  10. Jaginder Singh

    I like it

  11. D

    Please restock

  12. Rebecca

    My favourite product for use throughout the day. I use all of your products except for the crystal. I find the vape cartridge to fit my lifestyle perfectly since it doesn’t blow huge clouds like my sons nicotine vape lol. I find it very easy to just take a quick 2-3 puffs no matter where I am without having anybody notice. Just wanted to leave a rating and express my appreciation towards your company that has helped me when everybody else was giving me the run around. Thank you so much SILHOUETTE CBD!

  13. Tiffany

    Great pricing! I love that your company prices their products so affordably.

  14. Patrick

    I work a high stress job that which sometimes causes anxiety. These cartridges have come in handy at work. Will you be making more flavors anytime soon?

  15. Vape girl

    My fav!

  16. Laura W

    Good customer service, good price, good product.

  17. Big B

    Imma leave 5 stars for all y’all products! Quickest customer service I’ve ever experienced and excellent products!

  18. Taresa

    Great product but I just wish you had more of a variety of flavors available

  19. Rebecca

    Restock please!!!!

  20. Thomas

    When will this product be available again? My wife’s been anxiously waiting lol. Other vape products dont have natural terpenes like yours!

  21. Will

    the flavors r jus wow and omg finally a vape product with no VG and no PG just natural terps u guys hit a home run here love it

  22. Teresa


  23. Gary

    Your new flavors are so tasty and so smooth. Finally a company that’s not using VG and PG crap in their Vapes. Thank you!

  24. Nick

    SO CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Perfect everything. Good flavors, smooth taste, no chemicals.


  26. Surn

    Best cartridges n flava on the market to me

    Thanks guys n gals at Silo CbB

  27. I love these vapes

    Amazing deal amazing taste

  28. Serena

    Omg I love these vape cartridges. I cant believe how cheap I can get them through Silo Cbd. I have lots of anxiety at work and I just take a puff before work, a few puffs during break and I’m good to go. I’m so happy you guys dont use any VG or PG and its completely natural occurring flavors from terpenes. Thank you Silo Cbd.

  29. Gurpreet


  30. Sean

    Natural terpenes make it that much better, the flavor profiles are excellent. I like to hit my CBD vape throughout the day.

  31. Amazing flavors and I love that it’s all natural and so discreet!


  32. Rani Sandhu

    I never leave home without every flavour, couple puffs here n there does the trick for me

  33. Betty

    Great product quick and efficient

  34. Sam

    Love these vapes, please come out with some more flavors!

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