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Our CBD crystals are more than 99% pure and are extracted using the cleanest and purest process involving C02 Extraction.

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Our CBD crystals are more than 99% pure and are extracted using the cleanest and purest process involving C02 Extraction. Suggested Use: Mix with a carrier oil, use to bake, mix with e-liquid, and a variety of other uses depending on preference of individual. Consult a physician for appropriate dosing. (1g)

20 reviews for CBD Crystalline

  1. Cory

    Never thought I’d be dabbing cbd lol

  2. Chad

    Mixing this in with my vape juice does the trick for me.

  3. Pat

    Dab dab dab

  4. J

    I just wish I could find cbd crystal cheaper somewhere. Although you are the cheapest price I’ve found so far, it’s still too pricey for me since I now dab cbd and shatter. Can I buy this in bulk to save money?

  5. C. Mills

    Product works great for me.

  6. Darren

    Your customer service is exceptional. I like how fast my questions were answered before I ordered your products.

  7. S S

    Great for dabbing and mixing

  8. Purp

    You have the cheapest price I’ve seen so far for the 25mg pills BUT still too expensive. Product gets 5 stars from me but 3 stars for the price.

  9. Anonymous

    Very potent I love it

  10. Jeff

    Works great for my wife

  11. Thumbs up

    Def a thumbs up

  12. Ryan

    Thanks to this Crystalline Ive actually cut down so much on how much I dab shatter and I instead dab this maybe once a day for me that works so well now I puff the Mary Jane a bit less too so for me the cbd helps with anxiety insomnia depression pain in my knees I use your crystalline and other products

  13. OG

    I hit this crystalline in my little rig every mornin and then I smash my shatter at night in my recycler. Both r str8 fire!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dabz

    I’d rather dab shatter

  15. P.D

    This stuff is amazing, I mix it in with my vape juice and once in a while I’ll use my rig.

    Hey ‘Dabz’ this product should not be compared to dabbing shatter LOL, they are 2 totally different things. Shatter is just to get high, CBD crystalline is beneficial for things and doesn’t get you ripped.

  16. Jason R

    Can I buy it in bulk? I’ll email your company with my details today.

  17. Trevor M

    Not too bad, I’d rather reorder your oil & pills.

  18. Sabrina

    Great product, excellent customer service!

  19. Big B

    Imma leave 5 stars for all y’all products! Quickest customer service I’ve ever experienced and excellent products!

  20. Rebecca

    Restock please!

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