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30mg per capsule / 30 capsules

An effective way to incorporate CBD and its benefits into your daily wellness routine.

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Effective way to incorporate CBD and its benefits into your daily wellness routine. Silo capsules are formulated with CBD that is derived from whole hemp plants.

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules a day with water. Consult a physician for appropriate dosing.

30 caps/30mg per capsule

41 reviews for CBD Capsules

  1. Paul

    Helps me sleep.

  2. Alison

    My son takes 2 pills a day. It has started helping him with his seizures. Just wanted to say thank you.

  3. Derek


  4. Pat

    I’ve used all your products and I find the pills to work the best for me 🙂

  5. Zack

    I use your capsules and oil. Great products.

  6. C. Mills

    Product works great for me.

  7. Brad

    It does what I need it to do

  8. Vic

    I love the quality of your products and service. I’m amazed at how easy it is to get what I call my magic pills 😉

  9. P

    A bit pricey but does the job. If it was a little bit more affordable I would have gave 5 stars.

  10. G

    1 a day does it for me

  11. Customer for life

    Amazing results

  12. Happy

    Thank you

  13. Jordan


  14. Jessica


  15. Deb

    I prefer your oil as this gets too pricey for me

  16. Cole & Ashley

    We appreciate this product

  17. derick

    Great capsules for me

  18. Nick

    I’ll be leaving a review for both your products that I’m currently using. I use your pills to help me sleep at night as I’ve been dealing with insomnia for the past year. They are a little high in price BUT I don’t have any trouble sleeping like a baby now. I’m wondering if I can get it in bulk without having a wholesale account?

  19. Doug

    Don’t go a day without them.

  20. Kelly Barnes

    3 stars cause I find the capsules a bit expensive for myself but the product is great. Will be rating your tinctures 5 stars for sure.

  21. Big B

    Imma leave 5 stars for all y’all products! Quickest customer service I’ve ever experienced and excellent products!

  22. Jason

    Definitely part of my daily wellness routine!

  23. Jor

    These caps really help with my inflammatory issues

  24. Anonymous

    1 a day keeps my pain away

  25. Jeremy

    Your brand looks even better now and I love that the new capsules are pure cbd isolate and organic hemp seed oil with no extra crap

  26. Jim

    Great new look and great new pricing and much better quantity now going from 10 to 30.

  27. Tabatha


  28. T.M.

    Will you be making larger quantities?

  29. c


  30. Clay


  31. ..


  32. Darren

    Exactly what I expected

  33. Mark

    This was the first product I purchased from Silo after a friend recommended. Have been noticing my anxiety is not as bad. Only reason I gave a 4 is because I don’t like swallowing pills and should have got the tincture instead.

  34. Berry

    Love how it’s pure isolate. Does the trick for me

  35. Kat (verified owner)

    I love these! Helps with my seizures during sleep and my insomnia. Only downfall is I wish they were in a gel capsule or even just a capsule that won’t leak (also vegan friendly) because the oil seems to be leaking out of these type of capsules making the dosage un-even.
    That’s the only reason for my 3 stars, is the leakage of oil from the capsules.

  36. don

    Athank you for providing cbd capsules they help me a lot

  37. These are amazing, I got tested for work and nothing showed up in the screen.

    My favorite product.

  38. Richie

    Great customer service guys thx again!

  39. My go to for sure


  40. Ron

    A friend recommended these to me for my anxiety and they have definitely helped me

  41. no name

    Good product

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