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Silo CBD sticks are made with moisturizing oils and pain relieving essential oil blends.

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Silo CBD sticks are made with moisturizing oils and pain relieving essential oil blends.

Suggested Use: Apply directly to the area you are experiencing pain or inflammation. The unique therapeutic ingredients will soothe any discomfort for long-lasting relief. Try it after a hot shower for better absorption.

17 reviews for CBD Stick

  1. Gym life

    Just started training for competition again this is great for before and after my workout

  2. Michelle

    So glad you have a healing topical now! I use your caps and tincs BUT my husband doesn’t like taking anything orally and we’ve been patiently waiting for a external remedy from you. Thanks much!

  3. Anonymous

    Fkn awesome

  4. Michelle T

    Great price great product

  5. Tara

    Love how quick and convenient this is

  6. Narayan

    its helped my knees alot

  7. Jemma

    Need bigger size but love the product either way

  8. .


  9. Bresk

    Great for my knees

  10. Ruby

    I love this healing stick! I am a very into fitness but also deal with joint issues. I love to use this after a bath, relaxes everything before bed. Thanks!

  11. Shamel

    Before n after gym for me

  12. Kate

    Perfect for my muscles & joints!

  13. Great for my headaches

    Thank you

  14. Jason

    Quick relief for me right after hot shower easy to use

  15. Quick relief for me


  16. Joe

    This has become a staple for me after every hike . Only thing is I’m hoping for a larger size in the future. I’ve tried different CBD topical and as of now this one is far superior than most. Thanks!

  17. Susheel

    Need stronger dosage, I love all your other products and am willing to leave a better review for this one if you increase dosage

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