CBD Isolate 1g


99.9% CBD Isolate. Pure CBD, Clean and simple. Sweet and Clean aroma. Great for mixing into food or drink, creating your own CBD tinctures or vaporizing using a Dab Rig. CBD Isolate can be used to Relieve Pain and stress on joints and muscles, acts as an Anti-inflammatory and helps with anxiety. It is Non Psychoactive so you receive all the benefits while being able to function and go about your daily routines. Lab tested over 99.99% CBD.

CBD powder, as you can imagine, is refined into extremely small grains of CBD until it reaches a powdery texture.

1 Gram

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Our CBD isolates are more than 99% pure and are extracted using the cleanest and purest process.

Suggested Use: Mix with a carrier oil, use to bake, mix with e-liquid, and a variety of other uses depending on preference of individual.

Available in 1g Container




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